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Your coffee longs for fresh delicious milk.

Fresh Bio Milk
1 liter – pasteurized

Our milk comes from a local farm, where cows graze on meadows full of greenest grass. Twice a day, the whole herd is milked in the stables. The milk is cooled very quickly and is stored in stainless steel tanks until the pasteurization is completed and after that milk is bottled in plastic or glass bottles. Our milk is very nutritious, which is beneficial for human body. Its shelf life is 5 days under good storage conditions.

Did you know that cow‘s spots are like a fingerprint.
                              No two cows have exactly the same pattern of spots.

Fruit Pressed Juicesat work

Our pressed juice is juicy!

Pressed Juice – Apple
Pressed Juice – Pear
Pressed Juice – Apple and Pear
Pressed Juice - Apple and Sea buckthorn

Our fruit pressed juice has a great amount of vitamins, minerals and fiber. Don´t forget about your fluid intake and enjoy this tasty beverage made from fresh fruit. Fruits for the production of juice come mainly from fruit-growers from Moravia or from other Czech and Slovak producers. Pressed juice is free of chemical preservatives, added sugar, artificial sweeteners, antioxidants and emulsifiers.

Did you know that specialist from University of Glasgow are stating
                  that apple juice protects the body from diseases such as
                                heart attacks, strokes and tumors.

Healthy Office Yummyat work

Healthy snacks for everyone!

Dried Apples       Dried Sour Cheries
Dried Pears         Cereal
Dried Plums

We offer a wide range of yummy healthy snacks for the office. The finest Czech ripe fruit is selected with great care for the drying process. All the dried produce is carbon dioxide free. The only ingredient used is sugar and citric acid. Try our fresh milk with cereals and enjoy the great taste!

Did you know that müsli was invented in 19th century by Swiss physician
            and a pioneer in nutritional research by Maximilian Oskar Bircher-Benner.
                  The original dish did include fruit (dried or fresh),
                        milk and raw oats.

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