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We offer you the highest quality seasonal fruit mainly from Czech farms. In order to supply a complete range of fruits, that otherwise would not be available in our own region because of growing condition, we also source from the outside area from the foreign farms. Since our fresh produce is coming directly from farms, you will always sense the difference in taste and aroma.

All our suppliers are carefully selected and each day we select the best fresh fruits, which we hope will suit your workplace. Thanks to this we all together support the traditional Czech farmers and local growers.

We offer:

1. Fruits from local farms


Apples and pears
- different kinds.

Czech Seasonal

Apricots, cherries
strawberries, plum,

2. Fruit mix from local and foreign farms


Mix of Czech and foreign fruits
bananas, grapes, clementines...

3. Your Own Choice


You can also go completely freestyle and choose
your own selection of fruits...

Our recommendation:

We are happy to help you to make the best selection
of fruits for your workplace.

Our basic recommendation for the office fruit delivery is:

  • Start with 1 - 2 pcs. of fruit per employee a day
  • It’s preferable to choose fruit that is easy to peal and eat
  • Give more options - select at least two types of fruit in a delivery
  • If your office storage space is limited it’s better to deliver
    the fruits in two time delivery per week
25 percent of an apple's volume is air.
                              That is why they float.

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