Do we have to order regularly?

No. Whilst most of our customers prefer weekly deliveries, we can also provide fruit irregularly or only for special company events, so that it suits your budget and needs.

How much flexibility do I have in my order?

We strive to provide maximum flexibility based on your needs. You can select the exact amount and type of fruit, delivery hour and day and payment option.

Where do you buy your fruit and does it travel from far away?

We prefer local fruit and so we source locally from Czech farmers whenever possible. Nevertheless we also want to provide a wider choice of fruit, especially during winter and spring, and that is why we supply fruit from abroad as well. We know our farmers and suppliers well and we strive to provide the best quality for you.

Do you offer organic fruit?

We can provide organic fruit, but our standard fruit offering is not organic. There are several reasons for that, i.e. higher price of organic fruit, limited organic fruit supply at the local market, thus the necessity to purchase fruit from far away or from abroad. We strive to buy local fruit, we want the fruit travel short distances and not to pollute the environment.

What time will be the fruit arrive?

We aim to complete the delivery by 12am, so that the fruit is available to staff when they get to work. We will agree on the exact delivery hour with you. But we can also delivery in the afternoon for your afternoon meetings or events.

Can you split order over several locations, or floors?

Yes. We can split your order over each of your floors or departments or different locations.

Who will prepare the fruit and will it be difficult to eat?

We only supply "hand-held" fruit that can be easily eaten in the office and doesn´t drip. So for example, instead of oranges we supply mandarins that are easy to peel and don´t drip. We separate the bananas and grapes into individual portions to make it easier for each person just to take a piece of fruit. This is a small detail which we think is important because it also means we can quality check our fruit yet again before the fruit is placed to your basket.

What if a piece of fruit is damaged?

We guarantee 100% fruit quality. Should you still find a fruit that is not to your satisfaction – we will replace is free of charge.

How can I order from you?

It´s easy. Our simple enquiry form will lead you through the main points and we will get back to you within 24 hours and will finalize the order together with you. If you would like to discuss your needs first or want to made a phone order – not a problem, just call us at 608 309 974.

Am I locked into a contract?

NO. We do not want you to be tied into a service which does not suit you. You can change your order or interrupt it. We only ask that you give us at least 48 hour notice.

What payment options are available?

We can invoice you monthly or after each delivery.

Why should we provide fruit for the office when there is a canteen on the ground floor of your building where the staff can buy their own fruit?

Our experience and client feedback confirms that fruit is not regularly eaten unless it is within easy reach, i.e. in the workplace area or floor kitchen. Most people who go down to the canteen are more likely to buy a coffee and a sweet snack, than a piece of fruit. The objective of a fruit initiative is to ensure that staff are eating fruit regularly.

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