Why promote healthy eating at work?

  • Promotes wellness
  • Reduces illness and absence
  • Enhances your corporate image
    and employee loyalty
  • Improves morale and motivation
  • Increases productivity

Most leading organisations today have a variety of sports and health programs. But only those most innovative want the best for their staff – to promote their wellness and health. The good is that the number of such companies increases/grows. Would you also like to be one of them?

We all know that fruit is healthy, but only few of us eat recommended 5 portions of fruit and veg a day. As we spend 60% of our waking time at work, we should be eating 3 out of 5 a day at work. Regular office fruit delivery and easy access of fruit will help to make the goal more realistic and achievable for majority of your staff. Widen your usual offer of office snacks by providing healthy fruit and reduce number of vending machines full of junk food and sweet snacks. Read more at: 5 a day.

Did you know that eating more fruit and vegetables is the second most
                              important cancer prevention strategy after giving up smoking.

Does your benefit program also include a "sick day" policy? And are you aware of its cost? Change your angel of view and focus on "healthy days". See how much you save :-).

Did you know that for each portion of fruit eaten
                              there is a greater level of protection against having a stroke?

The international research demonstrates the monetary link between employee health issues and critical business drivers like productivity and absence. European research has found that employees in good health are up to 20% more productive than those in poor health. Trend towards more inclusive benefit policies has led to companies looking for programs that are universal in their appeal and scope. Fruit complies with such criteria fully, unlike fitness centres used by only a few employees.

Did you know that the inactive nature of working behind a desk,
              along with work stress and poor nutrition, and longer working hours
                       increases the risk of developing many life-threatening illnesses.

Workplace health is key for any company operation and needs to become an integral part of HR ´s priority list alike the ageing workforce issue or the competition for talent and key employees.

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