The Story of Jana and Peter

Our story began back in 2010 when we came with an idea to provide fresh produce directly from local farms and growers. The farmers´ markets were not yet introduced and it was unnatural for us to eat apples from New Zeeland, when the local ones have great taste and unforgettable aroma. So we decided to establish our company Svět bedýnek (World of Boxes). Svět Bedýnek is bringing to you the very best local food from local farmers and growers, who work hand in hand with nature. As the time passed by our produce line was extending and today we offer to our customers an online farm market with a complete product range. You may choose from organic dairy products, meat from local Czech breeds, also homemade marmalades, freshly baked goods, honey and many more.

In year 2014 we came up with an idea to introduce Fruit at work. Eva and Eva joined our team and we decided to go ahead in full power :-) with this project. Our aim is to continue supporting local farmers and growers and this path just came to us so naturally. This type of service is very popular and common in abroad countries. By delivering fruits to the office your employees will enjoy the real benefit of a healthy snack and at the same time your company will support the traditional local famers and growers (there is no need to mention the ecological value :-)).

FRUIT at Work will bring the market to you.

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